Landscape Stones of Vermont
Low Maintenance Solution For Your Landscaping Needs
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Horticulturists and landscape architects contend that applying nursery stone to shrub bases and beds is far superior to bark mulch for the following reasons:

  • Stone does not decompose: the needed nitrogen is available for
    the plants and not consumed in the decomposition process.
  • Stone comes in various colors, sizes, and shapes , creating many
    exciting landscape effects.
  • Stone will not discolor or disintegrate: bark mulch deteriorates and needs to be replaced annually or bi-annually.
  • Stone maintenance is minimal: beds and areas around
    the shrubs can be cleaned easily with a leaf blower or grass rake.
  • Stone does not invite digging and burrowing by pets and other animals.

Uses for fine naturally colored stone and ornamental gravel include:

  • Unique colored walkways
  • Stone edging around fountains and downspouts
  • Highlighting color contrasts for decorating around lampposts mailboxes, rock gardens, and stone walls
Continued use of mulch is an ongoing expense of labor and material. In comparison, a singular stone investment provides several years of value, with lower maintenance and cost.

We supply the homeowner with a choice of various naturally colored landscape stones for landscape projects. We also carry Black Rock Wall Stone and Munson Black Wall Stone for area wall builders


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